Gym Management


Gym Management System has been developed on VB.NET and Microsoft SQL Server/ Microsoft SQL Server Compact database. In these modern days when people all over the world have become so much concerned about their health and diet, it is but obvious that they continually seek out for Gym center. Gym Management System is an easy way to use gym and health gym membership system. It can helps to keep records of members and their memberships, and give permit communication between members. We believe that you will find this application to be handy for your gymnasium. It works the best on desktop and laptop.

  • Brief overview of the technology:
  • Full Source code Included (GymManagementSystem.sln, .vb , .rdlc , .xsd, .ico, dbGymManagementSystem.sql, dbGymManagementSystem.sdf, Setup File, Database Schema, Documentation )
  • Windows Forms Application (Desktop)
  • Visual Studio 2015 VB.NET or Higher version
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Higher version
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4.0
  • Microsoft Report Viewer


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